Create your perfect personal space. One that is cohesive, comfortable, and above all, highly personalized. Ciot products and professionals make it easy to turn your unique vision and style into a reflection of who you are. Semi-precious natural stone slabs. Beautiful slate tiles, mosaics and glass wall tiles for your bathroom. Fine imported marble and granite slabs for your kitchen countertop. Unique and exclusive kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets, sinks and vanities. And so much more. A world of inspiration awaits.

For more information about our products, visit one of our stores in Montreal, Brossard, Quebec, Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan or Detroit (Troy, Michigan).  




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Ageless. Organic. Original. No two pieces are ever alike. Since 1950, we carry natural stone slabs from around the world, including many specialty stones exclusive to Ciot. Each stone will add a distinctive touch to your design. They can be transformed by our experienced craftsmen to fit your space, for an interior or exterior installation. Whether you are looking for marble, granite, slate, limestone, onyx, quartz or semi-precious stone, you will find at Ciot the largest selection.

Inside, these stones can be installed in various locations such as on a kitchen countertop, a backsplash, on a floor and a wall, a table and vanity, fire mantel, in a shower and much more.

Outside, stone is often used for its resistance against temperature changes. It can be used in the steps, on a pad, to create flower boxes, etc.

Regardless its place of installation, natural stone will always follow your imagination!